A deeper joy

by fldptr

piston in a cup
Motorcycles are mass produced. In a way, the whole of it is widespread popular culture. You can see it on television, nothing proves it more firmly then that.  Still, if you would pose the question ‘Why?’ to the next guy you bump into that wears a helmet, on your street corner perhaps, surely you’ll  get a somewhat philosophical answer. Isn’t that contraversial? Well, yeah, I mean, even if it was, who cared? Shut up and ride. Whether you are into philosophy or not, we can all agree on that.

Or repair, make better, tune up!

There is a lot of joy in simply discovering and undertanding the machine that drives the force, the torque that makes your veins pump blood like a five year old sucking that mass produced, but hell-so-sweat soda.  Were you a good mechanic, you may even overstand an image that was put together by thousands of genious engineers. That’s good stuff.  And there is something deep there you can learn when you realize that nothing lasts for ever, so mass production is just as human as it could be. You want living things to seem outstanding, as a proof of a worthy existence, but things get worn out, and so replacement comes handy. Could one say that creating something unique, building something new that pumps life or gasoline through its veins is like exiting the life-cycle of birth and death? Is custom mechanics Nirvana itself? I can only tell you by the smile I’ll be wearing once I get to the point of seeing such a birth of my own creation. It will take time but it’s on the way.